It has been a longstanding dream of mine to take people into the outdoors with the idea of tapping into the powers that nature has to offer. I have always understood that part of the attraction to this idea was the awe I have experienced in nature since I was a child. Nature left me with a sense of wonder and a belief in what was right in the world that helped me work out problems, realize what is important to me, and made dreams seem possible. “Give me more of that!”, I thought.  What I didn’t know until about 10 years ago was that there is scientific data to help tell us why nature has such power over us. My first discovery along these lines was The Nature Principle, by Richard Louv.


This book opened up a whole new perspective for me. It sheds light on how we are hardwired to need nature. It is in the human DNA to seek out natural settings for healing, to gain inspiration from beautiful vistas, and to be emboldened by nature’s mystery to explore our world and the possibilities that await us there.


Check out this article if you are interested in learning more about what awaits you outside the walls! Connecting with Nature Boosts Creativity and Health, by Brian Clark Howard, National Geographic


Welcome to Vistas Life Coaching!

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  1. Linda Yauk Welch

    Hi Michael!
    I am also a believer of the importance of being in nature to experience wholeness, health, and healing! I grew up on a farm/ranch in rural Oklahoma and still am involved in agriculture and food production. I believe we are getting further and further away from nature and how the world works. I am excited to hear your passion about this connection we need with nature.

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