Why Choose Coaching?

The world is quickly becoming more globalized, interconnected and complex and is placing unprecedented demands on people everywhere.

As a result, human beings are losing touch with true social connections, becoming overwhelmed with information (and misinformation) overload, and getting sick and tired at an alarming rate as the demands overtake the ability to cope.

And, many people are fed up with these trends and seeking something more. As a result, the field of health and wellness coaching has grown exponentially, and is an effective intervention for people seeking to create intentional personal growth and change. (Spaten, 2018)

According to the 2019 Compendium for Health and Wellness Coaching (Sforzo, et al, 2019), coaching is a favorable intervention with treatment potential for cancer, cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, obesity, and overall wellness.

For example, Long, et al, 2016 examined a corporate wellness intervention for over 150,000 employees and found that coaching facilitated significant improvements in health related outcomes including blood pressure, body weight, LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose, absenteeism from work and medical costs.


What to Look for in a Coach

Education, training, experience. 

To date, many “coaching” programs are not delivered by professionals that have been trained in and who practice evidence-based coaching. According to Grant & O'Connor (2019) "evidence-based coaching can be understood as coaching that involves the intelligent and conscientious use of relevant and best current knowledge, integrated with professional practitioner expertise in making decisions about how to deliver coaching”.

I have been trained by one of the most rigorous coach training schools in the world, Wellcoaches, Inc. and earned the Wellcoaches Professional Certified Coach credential. I hold a Professional Certified Coach credential from the International Coaching Federation. And, I am certified by the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaches.

For the past 19 years wellness coaching has been my passion. Whether working with a client to assist him in finding balance in his life, providing support for someone struggling to lose weight, accompanying a client as she finds self-compassion, or coaching a fellow athlete to qualify for the Boston marathon, I find my lifeblood in coaching.

Since 2004 I have been a faculty member for Wellcoaches, including a position on the teaching faculty for the Core Coach Training and the Professional Coach Training beginning in 2012. These roles have given me the opportunity to teach students all over the world.

And, I have been where you are now. Seeking more. While an enormous part of my life's journey as been pursuing my profession, I have also found the inspiration, fortitude and life balance to set high goals athletically. I have stepped into personal journeys that both excite and frighten me, taking me out of the comfort zone of "normal" life. Some of my proudest achievements are the national championships I have won in masters track and field. If you need a dose of daily inspiration, I would love for you to watch one of those championships here - 2015 Masters Outdoor National Championship, Jacksonville, Florida.


Just Add Nature

Nature heals. Nature inspires.

The organic, life-supporting connection that all human beings crave with the natural world has been severely depleted by the pace of modern life.  And it is clear that by re-establishing that contact, health and wellbeing can be restored, including decreased levels of stress, anxiety and depression, decreased pain, improved sleep, improved immunity including protection against several types of cancer, and lower mortality. It is also clear that experiencing nature elevates mood. This is more than just “feeling good”. It means having less anger, resentment, guilt, fear and shame and more positive emotions such as joy, love and vitality. (Shelhub & Logan, 2012)

And, with more positive emotions comes more creativity, resilience and connections with others. (Fredrickson, 2009) This fact speaks to the connection between nature and creating the life you want. Spending time in the outdoors helps to form a mindset where you see more possibilities. You will dare to think outside your own “box” and have more courage to dream big and to take steps toward that dream.