Michael Scholtz is a highly perceptive and skilled life coach who brings a rich background in wellness to his coaching. Michael was the perfect coach for me in both navigating my wellness goals as well as helping me to create a plan for transitioning from my full-time career to the work that I have been longing to focus on for years.


Jane Clanton Bick, M.Ed.
Mindful Wellness
Lifestyle Wellness Coach



Coaching isn’t just about empathetically leading people to discoveries and resources that enable them to be more resourceful in their self-reinvention. It’s also about creating an environment that supports clarity, while filtering out the noise that often distracts us.
As a teacher I find Michael to be patient, yet directive. He brings insight, intuition and clear expertise into a process that encourages curious exploration as a main ingredient in the students development.
He creates a powerful alliance between teaching, coaching and an environment that supports the presence of mind required to create an experience through which ones best self can emerge.
Robert Cappuccio
Institute of Motion
Director of Coaching
As a professional coach, Michael brings a unique combination of skills and experiences to his work with clients. His passion for mastery, resilience and challenges are qualities I respect and appreciate as a colleague an peer. His compassion for others is absolute as is his confidence in others. With two decades of work focused on supporting clients to become their very best, he is able to create a space for growth, risk-taking and optimism. Enthusiasm is only one element of effective coaching. Education, skill development, practice and real life experience serving others matters
Michael is authentic. He's curious and playful. He's also an encourager by nature. I think that's important to know about someone whom you dive in with to craft more of what you deeply want in life. While a coach doesn't have to have the same experiences as a client to effectively support them...I sure value his real world experience in training for competition in running and cycling. He viscerally knows what it is to plan, practice, adjust, adapt and persist.
Incorporating nature into the equation is brilliant because we all need what nature has to offer. Too often we've left that out of our formulas and plans.
I've also noticed that Michael holds loosely to agendas so as to allow the freedom to learn, explore and experiment in pursuit of goals. Can't imagine a smarter, more encouraging way to become more of what you (or I!) want to become.
Kate Larsen
Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker
Author of "Progress Not Perfection"
I must say that I feel fortunate to have come across Michael as my initial introduction into coaching via his tutelage as my Wellcoaches instructor when I took the core training. His insight, patience and passion helped me decide that coaching is the profession for me. Even after the course he has served as a guide through the many questions I have about the field. I consider Michael to be my mentor and friend.
Greg Peck
Owner of Head2Head Coaching
Author of "Exercise for the Mind, Body, and Soul"
Former senior vice president of promotion and marketing for Warner Bros. Records
Michael Scholtz is the best combination of hardass and human you could hope for in a coach. He can devise workouts that will make you cry, but he understands the physical limitations and everyday challenges that make it hard to reach your goals. And he cares. 
Twenty-five years ago, when I was thin and fit and completely ignorant about training for competitive running, he provided the plan and the example that made it possible for me to qualify for the Boston Marathon. 
Today I have a different body and a different life. Thanks to Michael, I have a different training plan that meets me where I am now. He helps me stay fit and sane at a time when moving and working to stay positive are more important than ever. 
I’m happy to call Michael my coach, and I’m proud to call him my friend. 
David Rice