“What I’d really like to do is …”
“I wish I had taken the time to go to …”
“Someday I’ll have more time to …”

Combining wellness coaching with the power of nature assists you in articulating and owning your personal vision of what you are seeking more of in your life.


The alchemy of coaching and nature empowers you to set a strong intention around your vision.

Using the outdoors as inspiration, I will help you courageously name and own what is really on your bucket list.

You’ll connect with your true values and tap into an inner strength that opens up the opportunity to take action toward your vision.


Human beings are attracted to being a part of a group. We are hard-wired to be social.

This is revealed in the long-held belief that “it takes a village” for a person to flourish. And going through a transformative growth experience is made exponentially greater when shared with others.

We can create a partnership to help you achieve your bucket list goals and adventures. I have a registered dietitian on my team to assist you with improving the way you fuel your body. I can work with you alongside other health professionals, including your doctor, personal trainer, or business coach. And, with the Vistas Group Coaching option, you have the opportunity to enter into your journey with a group of like-minded individuals.


If you're looking to tackle your life's biggest adventures, from a hiking trip to starting a new business, it takes preparation.

I have discovered that the same mental and physical training that helps prepare a person to compete in a national championship sports event or run the Boston Marathon transfers to most any adventure you can name.

Physical strength, resilience of body and mind, the ability to adapt and improvise, planning and organizational skills...they all apply.

I can help you plan your training, rest and recovery, stress management, and logistics.



Nature is the portal, but there is a world of possibilities of where your adventure can take you.

For many, it starts with having real experiences out there in the natural world. Take on something extraordinary and you will find yourself with the courage to write the story that defines you.

For some of you this might be found in the demands of running an ultramarathon. For others, it might mean finding inner peace while hiking the Camino de Santiago trail. Or, you might be aiming to finish your first 5K and reap the rewards of stronger personal confidence.

What is the story you want to create for yourself?


Something I notice long ago is that our greatest adventures open a portal to more fulfillment in our lives.

When you are willing to step into the unknown of your own thrilling adventure, you come out the other side a changed person.

Adventures penetrate our soul.

Once you experience a true adventure, you take away from it the gratification of accomplishment, the pride of having worked hard and fought valiantly, and the awe of having stood for something that is meaningful to you.

When that sinks into your soul, other possibilities are revealed. What before seemed improbable or impossible, now calls to you. And, that courage can be turned into more soul nourishing life experiences.

Maybe you cultivate the courage to start a band and find flow and connection in a jazz trio with friends.

Maybe you resolve to start that restaurant you've always wanted.

Maybe you assert and apply yourself in your work and achieve the position in your business you've been dreaming about.

Adventure is the tool. Personal meaning and fulfillment are the results.


Whatever your personal adventure will be, our VISTAS Portal Retreats are designed to be your gateway to what is possible. The name is inspired by the world famous El Portal Road, Highway 140, that leads into the magical and wondrous Yosemite Valley.

You will walk away from the Portal Retreat with a clarified vision of what you want, encompassing the areas of your life that resonate most -- work, relationships, spirituality, health, travel, sport and more.

You’ll return home feeling refreshed, invigorated and focused and with the action steps to get what you’re seeking and the coaching and support to help you along the way.

Due to Covid-19 our Portal Retreats are currently on hold. We are making plans for 2021 and will keep you updated as things evolve. Stay tuned!